SKF Testcenter

Highly customized crane system for the world's most hightech testcenter

Crane Type Double girder overhead crane
max. Capacity 100 t (140 t special operation mode)
6,3 t
Span 18,4 m
Height of lift 12 m
Lifting speed with full load (min. load) 5 m/min (12 m/min)
5 m/min (15 m/min)
Travel speeds crane / trolley 40 / 20 m/min
40 / 20 m/min
Frequency inverter Cranes / Trolleys / Hoist
FEM - group 2m
Special features
  • Special operation mode 140 t
  • True Vertical Lift - hoists without horizontal hook movement
  • Extremly small hook approaches (1.200 mm at 70 t with one trolley)
  • Extremly small installation dimensions due to special lowered trolley design
  • Complete and very precise synchronization of 2 trolleys
  • Load measuring system with visual and audio signal as well as load indicating displays mounted on the trolleys and radio remote control
  • Camera system with 3 cameras and image transmission to radio remote control and control console
  • 3 selectable speed profiles for optimal process flow
  • Diagonal pull protection
  • Each trolley is equipped with 2 flood lights
  • Comfortable maintenance concept with 9 platforms for optimal accessibility
  • 125 kg jib crane installed on main platform to lift heavy spare parts
  • Control console installed on main platform for maintenance purpose - main and auxiliary crane can be controlled
  • Detection of manintenance position
  • Operating mode display