High-performance gantry crane with very high lifting speed to support tunnel construction work at the large-scale research facility CERN.

Crane Type Double girder gantry crane
Max. capacity of the main hoist 15 t
Max. capacity of the aux. hoist 50 t
Span 17 m
Height of lift 90 m
Lifting speed of the main hoist with full load (min. load) 80 m/min (120 m/min)
Lifting speed of the aux. hoist with full load (min. load) 8 m/min (13 m/min)
Travel speeds crane / trolley 40 / 20 m/min
Frequency inverter Crane / Trolley / Hoists
FEM – group of the main hoist 4m
FEM – group of the aux. hoist 1Am
Special features
  • Very fast lifting speed for optimal working processes
  • True Vertical Lift - hoists without horizontal hook movement
  • Optimal dead weight due to patented design of crane pillars
  • Oval-girders up to 30 % lighter than conventional box girders
  • Tandem control for hoists
  • Camera surveillance with two cameras and portable monitor
  • Weighing system with display on the radio remote control and load collective memory
  • Measurement of the hook height with display on the radio remote control
  • 2 bright LED spotlights mounted on the trolley
  • Crane control stand
  • SpeedPlus increases lifting speed with decreasing load for shorter process times and economically more efficient workflows
  • Designed for high performance applications
  • Safety drum brake with acceleration sensor brakes the drum directly in the unlikely event of total gearbox or engine failure